Chakra Preview


An exclusive preview of Chakra

Presenting the next evolution of pursuit knife

Thanks to the outstanding support of our customers and chefs worldwide, our original Chakra knife was a sold-out success worldwide. We have spent the last 18 months perfecting the next evolution of our pursuit knife.

Aura was founded on the principles of uncompromising performance and craft, and the new Chakra pushes many of the limits we pioneered with our original model. Our ongoing commitment to studying the bio-mechanics and ergonomics of knife strokes produced refinements to our 3D handle and iconic ball bolster.  

The result is the new Chakra, lighter and more dexterous than any other knife in our history. Each Aura knife represents a handmade masterpiece in the kitchen: a combination of the finest materials into an American-made chef knife of unrivaled performance and beauty, designed to be handled through many lifetimes of fine cooking.

We invite you to discover the uncompromising craft of the new Chakra

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Aura Stainless steel
The result of exhaustive work in metallurgy and over 30 metal processing steps, Aura Stainless steel provides phenomenal sharpness and edge retention with corrosion resistance to withstand the toughest kitchen environments. The strength of our new steel has allowed us to create a knife thinner and lighter than its predecessors.

Our extensive studies with professional chefs led us to create a unique satin finish for Aura Stainless that reduces glare from professional overhead kitchen lights to provide a distraction-free, color-neutral surface for chefs to focus clearly.

Swept heel
The Chakra features a 5-degree, swept-back heel. This design places more working knife edge under the chef's hand where power and control are maximized. The result is greater feel and less fatigue: push-cuts finish with more power and slicing-cuts are initiated with more control.

The swept heel has been designed to minimize "catching" on food and to allow for normal sharpening practices. The swept heel meets the handle in a large, hand-finished finger choil designed to relieve skin abrasion over long hours in the professional kitchen.

Aura CH-maple side.jpg
Chakra top bkyony.jpeg

Updated 3D handle
Aimed at chefs dedicated to versatility. The handle quickly adapts to different grip positions. Nimbly switch between quick controlled power and fine surgical precision.

The iconic spherical bolster makes precision cutting intuitive. Command the knife by engaging the bolster directly.

This is not a utility knife, it’s a pursuit knife. The Chakra is engineered for high speed knifework so choke up and pinch the blade! It can do everything a larger knife can.

The Chakra Blade
6.7 inches of steel that will transform your culinary game.

We developed a proprietary nonlinear blade profile for cleaner cuts with less blade resistance. The satin finish of Aura Stainless steel was also developed with a light texture designed to reduce friction – and in particular stiction (or "static" friction) – with food products against the blade.

The blade’s rocker was updated to provide a more pronounced rebound effect. The rebound effect returns your knife at the end of each chop, improving your positioning for straighter chopping.


Buy it pre-launch

We have set aside a limited number of 60 knives for private sale before worldwide launch of the model next month.  We are making these knives available to our loyal customers and to those who have contacted us awaiting the new Chakra release (thank you for your extraordinary patience!).

We know that our knives are often sold out because of demand:  each knife is handmade with rare materials, so we have limited supply. Accordingly, we've set aside this private stock so that our loyal customers can secure a new Chakra before launch without waiting or sellout risk.

To ensure fair access to our preview customers, we are limiting purchases to a maximum of 2 knives per customer (if you need more than 2 knives for your kitchen staff, contact us and we will do our best to work with you to get a production slot).  We will end the private stock once the new Chakra is launches next month.

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Our new Chakra represents a truly peerless, hand-made combination of performance and artistry.  We're tremendously thankful to our customers worldwide for your support of our uncompromising approach to fine knifemaking.

Noah Cowan
Aura Knifeworks