Aura One

A legend in American knifemaking

The Aura One was created for the finest kitchens in the world and designed for the highest forms of culinary expression.

Our uncompromising approach to knifemaking involves years of research into fine materials, metallurgy, manufacturing and movement in the kitchen.

The Aura One is the result of our unremitting commitment to knifemaking.  Handmade in California by our master knifesmiths, the One combines exquisite materials with groundbreaking design into a knife with unrivaled performance in the professional kitchen.


Discover the evolution of a masterpiece



360° View

The new Aura One represents the pinnacle of American knifemaking, a masterpiece designed for the finest kitchens in the world. The Aura One is available now in four colors, and each knife is hand made by our master knifesmiths in California.

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