Aura Two


The legendary blade in a mid-priced knife

The Aura Two knife, released in December 2016, features the same blade as our flagship Aura One in a mid-priced package. Handmade in California and crafted with our signature 3D handle, the Aura Two delivers stunning professional performance at a price of $499.

The Aura Two knife incorporates many of the groundbreaking features which have made our knives beloved by top chefs worldwide:

  • Aura Stainless steel crafted in over 30 steps to provide phenomenal precision and edge retention.
  • Our signature 3D handle providing precision and power for long hours of cooking in the professional kitchen.
  • Progressive rocker blade providing 9.5 inches of working edge in an edge profile designed for smooth push and slicing cuts.
  • Swept-back heel placing more working knife edge under the chef's hand where power and control are maximized.
  • Advanced blade geometry featuring a nonlinear profile designed to reduce friction for cleaner cuts with less blade resistance.
  • Optical stainless finish provides the blade with a color-neutral, satin finish which reduces glare from bright kitchen lights and provides a reflection-free surface for chefs to focus clearly on fine cuts.

The Aura Two launches on December 14th and is available exclusively through the Aura website.  The Aura Two knife is available in 3 colors: Eclipse Black, Claro Walnut, and Catalina Blue.